Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Strip-tease for Hacking

Everyone has seen them, those silly little jumbles of letters you need to decipher and type in frantically to buy tickets to events, to create a new e-mail account, or to complete many other internet functions that normally hackers have a heyday on. In fact, these are called CAPTCHA systems and are utilized to distinguish humans from machines.

With a very innovative approach, online scammers have created a virus where an appealing woman will unexpectedly appear on your computer. However, that is not all, as the woman continues by promising to take off an article of clothing each time a jumble of letters is completed. The catch is that the program restarts before the woman can completely undress to possibly persuade users to try the program multiple times.

It is not quite known if scammers are using these cracked CAPTCHA passwords on the fly; however, they are using them to crack anti-virus software and there is a worry that this scam will spread to financial institutions.

As the dark forces of scammers continually become more inventive, online security must evolve over and above that. And no, a strip tease is not required…


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