Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Salesforce.com’s Reaction to Phishing Attacks

A recent letter by Parker Harris (EVP Technology at Salesforce.com) outlined to customers what they and the company should be doing to prevent future data breaches. Short of posting the letter in its entirety I noticed a few important points Mr. Harris addressed regarding 2FA technology.

Primarily, Salesforce.com makes a promise of “collaborating with leading security vendors and experts on specific threats.” Perhaps a more important point, Salesforce.com recommends that its’ customers “consider using other two-factor authentication techniques including RSA tokens and others.”

Sometimes it takes a major data breach for a company to realize that their current security measures are inadequate. This is an unfortunate but often a necessary occurrence. One by one, businesses are realizing the hard way that 2FA is a requirement in their security measures. Salesforce.com is the latest company to realize this, will you be next?

Don’t let a security breach determine your company’s interest in 2FA. Research it today. Secure your world.


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