Monday, 26 November 2007

25 Million Records Lost in the UK

The recent loss of 25 million records in the UK has the potential to be traumatic. For instance, with many families putting their trust in the same banks, the potential to have one’s identity stolen has now increased significantly even though the UK government is sure the data has not landed in the wrong hands.

The gigantic mistake was made by junior officials at HMRC, who had ignored security procedures according to the chancellor. These days, one can only be truly at ease in the UK if 2FA, not a static password, is protecting their most invaluable asset – their identity.


Red Fox UK Limited said...

Its not the banks that lost the data, it was the government (whose records included the publics bank account details).

Ryan Gencarelli said...

Thank you for reading the blog and the comment. This post has now been updated.

Neo said...

How is it automatically assumed that the reason the data was lost in transit was due to a static password ? The disc was protected with a static password, but it was lost in transit by their internal parcel delivery service TNT. Where does 2FA protect individuals in this case ?

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