Monday, 17 October 2011

Password Risks - Smart Phones at risk

The world is facing a wave of cyber crime thanks in large part to our newly-found addiction to the smartphone.

An estimated 480 million smartphones will be sold this year. They are indeed wonders of technology.
Henry Harrison, from UK cyber security experts Detica, said: "This is a fully fledged computer that's sitting in your pocket." It can, and probably will, betray you as a result.
The flaw in the smartphone is that it is too useful and too user friendly - for users who trade convenience for security.

They collect our emails, store our bank details, we tweet and use Facebook on them. They are our bank vault, our confidante, our guide.
But as Cryptocard's Jason Hart demonstrated - they are our new Achilles heel.
Mr Hart purchased a cheap item of equipment from a high street electrical store and downloaded free software from the internet - all he needed to set up an "evil twin" Wi-Fi connection.

Criminals use these to harvest passwords and other sensitive data from smartphones or computers - often giving their Wi-Fi hotspots fake names familiar to punters at cafes and in airports.

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