Monday, 27 June 2011

Just how easy is it to hack into your life?

From Facebook to pins and passwords, invading our lives couldn’t be easier, finds Neil Tweedie

Last week I was asked by Neil Tweedie to demonstrate how easy it is for someone to hack into your life. After three questions about his family i tap away on my keyboard. Two minutes later - just two minutes - an email arrives in Neil's work inbox.

“I didn’t need all three answers, just the one,” explains the cyber security adviser. “Now I have control of your email and with it knowledge of your financial transactions, interests and friends. I can access your online accounts and use your credit card details to go shopping.”

Hacking is back in the news. This week Ryan Cleary was arrested at his home in Essex and charged with disrupting the website of Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca).

Agencies in the United States are also understood to be investigating whether he was involved in similar attacks on the United States Senate, the Central Intelligence Agency and Sony by an international hacking ring called LulzSec (short for Laugh Out Loud Security). Cleary is 19 and, according to his mother, a recluse, leaving his bedroom only rarely. But for hackers, the world, the cyber world, is their oyster. They can pay you a visit, harvest your most sensitive information, and disappear without trace.

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SHEHZAD said...

Technology can be used in every matter .. it may be positive attitude and it may be in negative attitude ... but it is on us how to use it ...

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