Sunday, 1 August 2010

My response to a recent article in the Telegraph

Man who published details of 100m Facebook users 'learning how to break passwords'

With regards to the Facebook security fears after 'private details of 100m users leaked to web'.

I wanted to very definite responded to this……nothing makes a password truly secure!

Static passwords are fundamentally insecure and signify the biggest security threat facing organisations today. Readily available software such as invisible keyloggers allows hackers to capture every name and password of any user on a network.

Invisible keyloggers have the capability to override the latest security software in order to steal user names and passwords, no matter how long or complex the user makes them. Hackers can and do use this software to extract and manipulate information from user’s e-mail addresses, social media accounts and even IT networks protected by a secure encryption protocol.

Passwords are the softest security target and until people and organisations start adopting strong authentication in the form of for instance two-factor authentication this problem won’t go away

Worrying only a small per cent of businesses use 2FA.

Business of all Sizes have to starting getting there heads of of the clouds and replace static Passwords with Two Factor Authentication


Rolodexter said...

What’s troubling about this story are the comments that users have posted. There is a problem here, and it has to do with the fact that everybody’s face is on the web, and when you have a username that’s listed in a URL, you’re able to physically identify people. And that’s all you need to get the ball rolling on surveillance. If you wanted a conspiracy theory, you can wonder all day about how it is the United States government got 10% of the world to contribute to its CIA database of personal profiles that isn’t as much about what’s actually listed, but the relationships between what’s listed, what’s publicly available, and what’s kept private. The actual information is almost beside the point; the real gold is in the relationships between the decisions that’s made, the patterns about those decisions that makes for real signatures. Facebook is 500 million users and growing fast. If it’s not the first sole site to hit the 1 billion user mark, it’ll be the next biggest thing, but it’s bound to happen. Is that good or bad? Remember, there is no neutral.

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