Thursday, 6 September 2007

Considering RSA or using RSA?

I have lost count to the number of times I have planned to take time out to put my personal views down on paper in relation to the down sides on Buying R$A or being a user. So I have finally taken all of my views and more importantly have gathered all of the feedback that I have gained during the past 5 years from clients that are looking at purchasing R$A or looking to swap their R$A solution out for a alternative, more compelling and cost-effective solution over the RSA Solution

Many organizations realize the value of strong authentication. RSA Security has built much of their business on SecurID, a token-based strong authentication system that replaces password-only authentication with one-time passcodes for secure network access and positive user identification.

But SecurID is not the only option out there. There are far greater products that offer a more secure, cost-effective system that’s easier to use and easier to manage. If you’re a SecurID customer, you might be surprised by how many thousands of pounds or dollars you can save, perhaps tens of thousands both right now, and over the life of the purchase by switching.

Wouldn’t you like to stop repurchasing tokens every three years? SecurID tokens have an expiration date on the back. Once you pass that date, you might as well throw your token away. It can’t be used again, it can’t be reactivated you have to spend more money on another token.

For far less than the cost of buying another round of list-price RSA tokens you can get a complete deployment of an alternative solution that is a far more flexible.

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I attended the seminar you did at Belfast for BSS was impressed with the seminar,

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